ALCOSANAllegheny County Sanitary Authority (Pennsylvania)
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"They have yet to meet with us since then," Alcosan spokeswoman Nancy Barylak said.
ALCOSAN's David Borneman, P.E., director of engineering and construction, is overseeing the development of the first expansion phase.
Located along the Ohio River, the ALCOSAN plant serves Pittsburgh and most of Allegheny County.
ALCOSAN's staff recognized that a source of current off-site odor originates in the area where dewatered sludge is mixed with lime and loaded onto vehicles of varying size for transport to land disposal.
Alcosan bills the Pittsburgh water authority for sewage service; the water authority pays that bill and invoices the brewery to be reimbursed.
Water authority officials have said they'll abide by any agreement the brewery and Alcosan reach--but in the meantime, city water officials say the brewery's refusal to pay impacts other customers.
Contract Awarded For Construction Management and Inspection Services contract for improvements to the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN) Regional Collection System
This contract award continues the firm s decades-long relationship in providing engineering and construction management expertise to ALCOSAN. Michael Baker International has historically been one of the Pittsburgh region s preferred providers of these services and is an established leader in Construction Management Services locally and globally.