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ALDCAbby Lee Dance Company (Pittsburgh, PA)
ALDCAssociation of Liberal Democrat Councillors (GB)
ALDCAdaptive Lossless Data Compression (IBM)
ALDCAdvanced Lossless Data Compression
ALDCAtlanta Legal Diversity Consortium (Georgia)
ALDCAdvanced Learning Development Center
ALDCAirlie Leadership Development Centre (Victoria Police; Victoria, Australia)
ALDCAfferent Lymph Dendritic Cell
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The new team will consist of only one familiar face, and it is not a member of the ( original ALDC team .
Like the power consumption, the difference between OF0 and MRHOF increases with more nodes, and with more neighbors around the node "if not reaching the sink node", with the notice that ALDC "listening" decreases at 20 minutes.
Dance Moms follows the ALDC's Junior Elite Competition Team as they travel to various dance competitions, while at the same time being prepared by Abby to be "professional, employable dancers".
where A is the aggregate 20-2000 [micro]m that forms the ADCC and P is the aggregate <2 [micro]m that forms the SDCC, and B is the intermediate aggregate size that forms the ALDC.
And once Abby allegedly insulted Chloe's eye to Christi--along with numerous other critiques--they decided to say goodbye to ALDC, their castmates, Dance Moms and life as they'd known it for the past 11 years.
The higher compression specifications for capacity and performance for the AlT family are achieved through the incorporation of the adaptive lossless data compression (ALDC) technology, which delivers an average 2.6 to 1 compression ratio.
South, Seattle, WA 98104 206-622-5500 Fax: 206-343-4258 President: Paul Brainerd CFO: William McAleer Ownership: Public (ALDC) Employees: 1,000 Sales/Emp.: $174,131 Established: 1983 International: 48% 1992 Rank: #9 '91-'92 Growth: 4% 1991:$167,530,000 1986:$12,040,000 1990:$134,983,000 1985: 1989: $98,616,000 1984: 1988: $84,127,000 1983: 1987: $44,041,000
Adaptive Lossless Data Compression (ALDC) has been utilized to achieve typical compression ratios of 2.6:1, versus the 1.7:1 ratios characteristic of older designs.
An AIT drive claims 2:1, but its more modern ALDC algorithm achieves about a 2.6:1 ration--almost 45% more performance.