ALDEPAutomated Layout Design Program
ALDEPArable Lands Development Program (Botswana)
ALDEPAirlift Departure
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Tecnicas computarizadas para diseno de un nuevo layout o mejoramiento de las existentes se iniciaron con CRAFT [Armour y Buffa, 1963], CORELAP [Sepponen, 1969], COFAD [Tompkins y Redd Jr., 1976], ALDEP [Seehof y Evans, 1967] y PLANET [Konz, 1985].
For the solution of problems connected with the facility layout are often used heuristic programs such as CRAFT, ALDEP, CORELAP and PREP.
Computerized relationship layout planning (CORELAP) and automated layout design program (ALDEP) are some examples of systems which have been developed to aid in the layout of facilities.