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ALDERAdult Learning Disabilities Employment Resources
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Behind Krak there came into view in the shade of the alder tree the shapely figure of Stepan Arkadyevitch.
He had only five birds in his game-bag when he walked out of the marsh towards the alders where he was to rejoin Stepan Arkadyevitch.
But my good companion had nothing in his mind but kindness; and the next moment, two of the gillies had me by the arms, and I began to be carried forward with great swiftness (or so it appeared to me, although I dare say it was slowly enough in truth), through a labyrinth of dreary glens and hollows and into the heart of that dismal mountain of Ben Alder.
They dropped down into the canyon, the road following a stream that sang under maples and alders.
Birds twittered their adieux from the alders in the lane, and every tree stood ready to send down its shower of red or yellow apples at the first shake.
Rachel Lynde lived just where the Avonlea main road dipped down into a little hollow, fringed with alders and ladies' eardrops and traversed by a brook that had its source away back in the woods of the old Cuthbert place; it was reputed to be an intricate, headlong brook in its earlier course through those woods, with dark secrets of pool and cascade; but by the time it reached Lynde's Hollow it was a quiet, well-conducted little stream, for not even a brook could run past Mrs.
It was seated nearly upright, the back supported by a mass of matted brush, and one hand still grasping a broken twig of the alders.
A great elm tree spread its broad branches over it, at the foot of which bubbled up a spring of the softest and sweetest water, in a little well formed of a barrel; and then stole sparkling away through the grass, to a neighboring brook, that babbled along among alders and dwarf willows.
Here, beside the stream, were alders and laurel trees, and he walked through fern-brakes higher than his head.
Within Alder Play, parents will also be able to interact with a chatbot called Ask Oli to ask questions about the hospital and what may happen to their child.
Chevron North Sea Limited announced on Monday that production of first gas has started from its high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) gas condensate Alder field in the Central North Sea in water depths of approximately 492 feet.
The ECHO was invited to meet patients, parents, clinicians and medical researchers as the hospital continues its PS6m fundraising drive for the second phase of Alder Hey's "Institute in the Park".