ALDHAldehyde Dehydrogenase
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When the researchers investigated mice without ALDH, they found that alcohol caused four times as much damage to DNA when compared with mice that could produce ALDH.
In relation to cancer cells, the drug limits the activity of ALDH, causing a reduction in decreased tumour cell growth, as well as increased destruction of lung cancer stem cells.
Gerec ve yontemler: Biz calismamizda CD34 yuzey belirteci olan hucreleri kordon kanindan magnetik nanopartikuller kullanarak ayirdiktan sonra flow sitometre cihaziyla, bu hucrelerin icerisinden ALDH etkinligi olup CD38 yuzey antijeni-olmayan hucreleri saflastirdik.
It is possible that ziram's ability to inhibit ALDH in addition to its UPS-inhibiting activity lead to selective DA damage.
Previous ALDH reporters exhibited green fluorescence, which made it difficult to identify positive cells in an otherwise green fluorescent background.
As a result, acetaldehyde oxidation is required for detoxification and it can be metabolized to acetate by ALDH [111].
In addition to ADH and ALDH enzymes, cytochrome P450 2Ei (CYP2E1) is also a pathway of ethanol oxidation.
La enzima ADH metaboliza el alcohol a acetaldehido, que es un intermediario toxico y que la enzima ALDH lo convierte en acetato.
In the mitochondria, NADH is predominantly produced by the enzymatic action of ALDH.
What they discovered was that pesticides and fungicides blocked an enzyme, ALDH, which can play a part in the development of Parkinson's.
divisional patent application 12/966,401 with claims covering methods of use of ALDH bright cells in the treatment of neurological damage arising from an ischemic stroke.