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ALDH2Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 2 Family
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In the study, we used the PI3K/Akt inhibitor wortmannin (Wor); compared with DM + EtOH I/R group, ALDH2 mRNA and protein levels were decreased; meanwhile, cardiac LV contractile function and myocardial ultrastructure were damaged accompanied with the aggravation of oxidative stress.
The genetic variants in the extra ALDH2 (G504A) region were identified using polymerase chain reaction and DNA sequencing in all cases.
The frequency of the ADH1B*2 allele in East Asians is comparable, albeit not precisely matched, to the rates of the ALDH2*2 allele, which encodes an inactive variant of ALDH2 (Eng et al.
Ethnic Differences in Prevalence of ADH1B, ADH 1C, and ALDH2 Alleles
Probably the best known variation of alcohol-metabolizing enzymes is associated with the ALDH2 gene.
An investigation of associations between alcohol use disorder and polymorphisms on ALDH2, BDNF, 5-HTTLPR, and MTHFR genes in older Korean men.
The most severe of these adverse effects is the "flushing syndrome," which occurs after alcohol consumption in individuals with ALDH2 mutations.
Hendershot et College students of Web/based ALDH2 al.
It is well recognized that Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, and First Nations populations, which are of Asian ancestry, experience a genetic polymorphism for enzymes ALDH2 and glutathione S-tranferase involved in ethanol metabolic excretion and Hg export from human cells (Strange et al.
For example, a deficiency in ALDH2 activity in people carrying a gene variant (i.
Variants of three genes encoding alcohol-metabolizing enzymes, the aldehyde dehydrogenase gene ALDH2 and the alcohol dehydrogenase genes ADH1B and ADH1C, have been associated with reduced rates of alcohol dependence.