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ALDIAlbrecht Discount
ALDIAgency for Local Development Initiatives (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
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These constantly changing items give ALDI stores a "Trader Joe's kind of mystique," Wisner contends, noting that shoppers can find very interesting items that represent an incredible value.
The UK arm of the German-based Aldi group revealed a pre-tax profit of [pounds sterling]157.
The advertising watchdog banned the original ad, which compared prices of premium brands at 'other supermarkets' to own-label Aldi products.
Group Buying Director Niall O'Connor said: "The quality and value provided by our own-brand Irish product range has been one of the key factors in encouraging more Irish consumers to visit our stores and become loyal weekly Aldi shoppers.
Those conflicting comments made me take another look at an Aldi's, which is owned by the same family as Trader Joe's and like TJ's, carries mostly private labels, but under a variety of names rather than the Aldi name.
At a time when grocery chain stores seem to fall into one of two categories -- the football-field-sized warehouse or the luxurious specialty store with hardwood floors and an espresso bar -- Aldi is a throwback.
But the Wagoners won't be the only couples not wearing their original wedding attire, said Aldi.
Aldi regularly reduces the price of its fruit and veg to as little as 29p a pack, while Lidl has now started "price-cutting" selected items.
We pioneered a grocery model built around value, convenience, quality and selection, and now Aldi is one of America's favorite and fastest-growing retailers," Jason Hart, Aldi's chief executive officer, recounted in unveiling the company's expansion plans earlier this month.