ALDOTAlabama Department Of Transportation
ALDOTAircraft Launchable Deep Ocean Transponder
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The total length of the project according to a project description from ALDOT is just over 5 miles.
Morris then proceeded to the scene to offer his services to ALDOT in taking down the bridge.
That same day ALDOT Director Paul Bowlin visited the site to make sure everything possible was being done, offer encouragement to the local maintenance crews, and assess the actions needed to reopen the interstate.
To get the job done quickly, the meeting participants decided that the State would have a bridge design ready within 6 days, and ALDOT would provide the chosen contractor with an incentive/disincentive for early or late completion.
Once ALDOT had furnished all the documentation needed for approval of an Emergency Relief (ER) request, Wilkerson submitted it with his approval.
Without the partnership between ALDOT and all concerned organizations," says Wilkerson, "this could not have happened within the time frame that it did.
George Conner, bridge maintenance engineer for ALDOT, oversaw the initial clean up, working with the District 1 and Division maintenance crews and State bridge maintenance crews.
The contract went to The Morris Group and Brasfield & Gorrie, a joint contractor venture that was acceptable to ALDOT.
The project of interest is Water and Sewer Relocation for ALDOT Installation of Adaptive Signal and Access Management on SR-6 (US 82/McFarland Blvd).
When ALDOT changed it to a much larger project that included Madison and Huntsville, what we did not understand or know was whether we would have to pick up the bill for that expanded project.
Under the program, ALDOT will be reimbursed for additional work until the bridge is fully repaired.
Under the decision taken by the council, the town must agree to certain demands of the Federal Highway Administration in order for ALDOT to secure federal funds for the projects.