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In other texts (Fuchs, Inschriften Sargons, 82, Annals V:3,10-3:11; 236 Prunkinschriften 155-57) we find: Ea Sin Samas Nabu Adad u Ninurta u hiratisunu rabati sa ina qereb Ehursaggalkurkura sad aralli kinis i" aldu esreti namrati sukki nakluti ina qereb Dur-Sarru-kin tabis irmu Ea, Sin, Samas, Nabu, Adad, and Ninurta and their august spouses / who were truly born in the midst of Ehursaggalkurkurra, the mountain of the underworld, / took up their radiant sanctuaries and artistically built daises for good in Dur-Sarru-kin.
Aldu Dujali ended Floirendo's dream of becoming a speaker with a 22,000 margin of votes for the Davao del Norte's second district.
on Tuesday, Antonio Floirendo, who ran under the Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HnP), got 89,973 votes, while his rival from PDP-Laban outgoing Davao del Norte Vice Governor Aldu Dujali received 122,516 votes in the congressional race in the province's second district.