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ALDUSArtificial Legal Draftsman for Use in Sales
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Both Jetscape and Aldus specialize in the Embraer leasing space, and thus, deals for these two firms are important for NAC, a leading player in the turboprop leasing market segment.
The four Rotoflex machines sold into the region include multiple VSI machines, one of which is currently on display in the Aldus Demonstration Centre in Melbourne.
Harrigan and Broidy each received a letter last month from the SEC, which has accused Aldus and its managing partner, Saul Meyer, in a $320,000 kickback scheme to win business in New York.
The longevity of my Aldine inquiries has engendered in me a certain sense of familiarity, and I feel quite at home with Aldus.
Aldus will refer to ``the present'' using contemporary materials - concrete, stainless steel and aluminium.
Es meritorio que el poeta Ernesto Lumbreras y el editor Jose Sordo, animador de Aldus, se negaran a escuchar el canto de las sirenas, deseosas por censurar al extinto escritor e hicieran hasta lo imposible para publicar sin omisiones el texto de Nandino.
Published in 1499 by the renowned Venetian printer Aldus Manutius, the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili quickly cast a spell over humanists and architects.
Aldus with his achievements was at the heart of some of the significant parts of these changes; perhaps more importantly, however, he was perceived by the learned world of his time as a, or perhaps even the, focal point.
Collings decided that new software delivery technologies really would leave him on the wrong side of the learning curve; he ended up quitting Aldus and now helps software publishers develop online and CD-ROM fulfillment programs.
RICHARDSON, Texas, said it settled its lawsuit against Seattle-based Aldus Corp.
Geared to those already familiar with this popular program from Aldus, the book explains new features and advanced graphics.
It was created with Macromedia Director multimedia software and various Aldus programs for manipulating visuals.