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Selon Lokman Aleb, directeur d'Algerie Telecom de Constantine, une cinquantaine de stations Msan devraient entrer en service au cours de cette annee et s'ajouter ainsi aux 56 stations deja installees en 2015.
On Baqoum front, northern Saada, government forces announced controlling several hills in Aleb region.
In Asir, the gatherings of the Saudi army were targeted in Majazah and off Aleb crossing border in the army's artillery shelling.
The ministry said government forces pushed further into Saada's Aleb region after taking control of hillsides and killing and injuring a number of Al Houthis militants.
4 (Saba) -- Dozens of Saudi army mercenaries were killed and injured in wide infiltration attempt on Aleb border crossing in Asir, a military official told Saba.
In Asir, scores of Katyusha rockets were launched and number of artillery shelling on the mercenaries' troops west of Majazah and near Aleb broder crossing.
In Asir province, an aggression reconnaissance plane was shot down west of Majazah, killing and injuring dozens during the repelling of two crawling near Aleb crossing border, destroying a military vehicle with guided missile and launching five missiles of Zilzal-1 over the two crawling that continued for hours in participated with the warplane without achieving any progress.
In Asir province, the army and committees repelled an intense crawling for the mercenaries near Aleb border crossing and supported by artillery and missile intense cover, killing and injuring dozens.
In Asir, a missile and artillery shelling targeted the Saudi army mercenaries troops and fortifications near Aleb border crossing and west of Majazah, while the mercenary leader Mohammed AbdulKareem Shebaa was killed by the army fires in Aleb front.
In Asir, the army and popular forces repelled the Saudi army infiltration attempt near Aleb crossing border, an artillery shelling hit their gatherings near Aleb and west of Majazah.
In also Asir, four mercenaries were killed in shot operations west Majazah, while rocket and artillery shelling targeted their troops near Aleb crossing border.
In Asir, an artillery shelling targeted the invaders and mercenaries' gatherings near Aleb crossing border and west of Majazah, causing direct casualties.