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ALECSAFWL Los Alamos EMP Calibration and Simulation
ALECSAir Force Weapons Lab Electronic Pulse Calibration Simulator
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Knowing our luck, though, about five minutes after a takeover some smart alec will find a way of making fuel from dandelions and make oil redundant.
He said: "It looks as though I will be joined by another Healy-Rae and I'll tell you one thing - some of the smart alecs in Dublin will have to pick through him [Danny] first before they get to me.
ABDUL OSMAN has heard the smart Alecs bill today's trip to Hamilton as a relegation battle on the opening day of the season - but the new Partick Thistle skipper insists his sights are set much higher.
The LECs are "[a]lso known as incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (iLECs), Alternate Local Exchange Carriers (ALECs), Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), Competitive Access Providers (CAPs), Certified Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), and Local Service Providers (LSPs)." Id.
Contractions in human aLECs attached to the surgically isolated capsules could also be mechanically induced 11].
Fumbling in his tunic, he fished out his box of matches, extracted one, and got it lit using only one hand--a nifty trick he'd perfected in the mystifying months of inactivity passed in the military automobile service depot in Paris (mystifying because he'd been inducted--like most of the smart Alecs from the posh schools--into the artillery).
Piling on to the assault, in April the misnamed activist organization Common Cause filed papers with the IRS demanding that ALECs nonprofit, tax-exempt status be pulled for alleged political advocacy.
Indeed, on every internet message board, you'll find nasty, negative comments from smart alecs who think they know it all, but whose only contribution to society is ...
Of course, we will have to wait till Tuesday to know if 'Smart Alecs', 'Know Brainers', 'Jolly Family', 'Focussed Forties', '3 Idiots', 'Jet-Set-Go', 'IQ200', 'Knowledge Dot Com', 'Above Average', 'Quiz Trek', 'New Kids On The Block' or 'Grey Matters' will make it to the final.
Acute lower extremity compartment syndrome (ALECS) screening protocol in critically ill trauma patients.
Those taking part are Cor Meibion Dyfi, Alecs Peate, Edryd Williams, Elen Gwenllian, Heulen Cynfal, Steffan Rhys Hughes and Dilwyn Pierce.
I'm also thankful that I did not die then, and thus was in no position to be laid to rest by Wilkins's ragged team of drinkers, stoners and post-Yorick smart alecs.