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ALEPHA Language Encouraging Program Hierarchy
ALEPHApparatus for Lep Physics (experimental particle physics)
ALEPHApparatus for Low Energy Particle Physics
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Upon closing of the transaction, expected to occur in July, Aleph plans to start funding the construction of infrastructure necessary to provide gathering, processing, and evacuation midstream services to oil and gas producers in Vaca Muerta.
Aleph Hospitality, which currently has nine hotels in its portfolio, manages hotels directly for owners, either on a franchise basis for branded properties or as a white label operator for independently-branded hotels.
PARAS the famed philosopher's stone for Hazrat sahib was nothing other than ALEPH, the secret name of Allah.
Just as the window in "The Wonderful Window" appears to implicitly subvert the supposedly solid existence of the house in which it is located, the physical location within which the Aleph is found is presented in Borges's story as being essentially unstable.
Aleph officially renounced ties to Asahara in 2000, but the doomsday guru retains significant influence, according to Japan's Public Security Intelligence Agency.
A visibly excited Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Mehwish Amin welcomed the guests and thanked her team including Associate Editor Ilona Yusuf, Contributing Editor Afshan Shafi, Sana Hassan and Hassan Tahir."Aleph turns two today" she said before going on to thank her sponsors, naming Hina Babar and one anonymous sponsor for their generous support.
However, as much as archaeologists would like to believe that they have found the only physical evidence of Prophet Isaiah's existence, Mazar admitted that the missing "aleph" at the end of "nvy" was an issue - a concern shared by Christopher Rollston, professor of Semitic languages at George Washington University.
1 i, 3 is a case where the second 'ayin has dissimilated to aleph
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION: aleph; aptly; heap; heeltap; help; hype; leap; leapt; pale; palette; paly; pate; pate; path; patly; pattee; patty; payee; peal; peat; peaty; peel; pelt; pelta; peltate; petal; petty; plat; plate; play; plea; pleat; tape; telepath; TELEPATHY; tepal; typal; type; yelp.
These two concepts, the hyperreal and the heterotopic, might serve as an itinerary for a journey through the two short stories "Tlon" and "The Aleph." While Borges's notion of the Aleph in his story mirrors the impossible unity of diversity through a mystic object and that may be read as heterotopia, "Tlon" indicates the gradual emerging of hyperreality.