ALFEAAssociation of Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies (Sri Lanka)
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He said that ALFEA had made repeated requests to the SLFBE but there has been a zero response.
Listing the reasons why Sri Lankan maids would be banned, Al-Badaah said that SANARCOM had signed an agreement with ALFEA to reduce recruitment charges from SR7,500 to SR5,500, and that Sri Lanka is not honoring this.
Kingsley Ranawake, chairman of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE), said the Sri Lankan government is not in a position to accept the agreement since ALFEA is an umbrella association with an estimated membership of only 200 of the country's 800 recruitment agencies.
"Even Sri Lanka's attorney general had ruled that the agreement signed between SANARCOM and ALFEA is null and void," he said.
It was alleged in one report that the ban was due to an memorandum of understanding signed by SANARCOM and the Association of Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies (ALFEA) recently, which set recruitment charges at a maximum of SR5,500 for maids.
"ALFEA is an umbrella association which has an estimated membership of around 200 out of the 800 recruitment agencies in Sri Lanka," Ruhunuge said, adding that the association had no legal authority to sign international agreements on behalf of the government.
He added that ALFEA's agreement with SANARCOM stipulated that only organizations affiliated to ALFEA could send maids to the Kingdom.