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They that be skilfull and well experienced therein, go by divers markes and fignes which direct them to places where there is criftall, and where alfo they can diferne good from bad...
During the exhibition, Cavotec MSL will present products from Wibe, Brevetti, Aura, Cavotec Specimas, Cavotec Alfo, and Cavotec Micro-Control among many others.
On Tuefday the Feuenth of May, wee failed by the Iland Paro verie neere vs, and the Iland Saint Maura joyned by a bridge to the continent of Epirus, and fubiect to the Turkes, and the Iland Ithaca (vulgarly called by the Italians Compare) alfo fubiect to the Turkes, and famous for their King Vlyffes, ...
Yerevan (Alfo with portraits of his fallen Father and Brother) (1994), for instance, shows a young recruit proudly announcing his present course of action while clearly remaining haunted by nearby pictures of military forebears.
For Valladolid, Blanco Perez offers a more synthetic analysis, proceeding by authors: Alfo nso de Santa Gruz, Lazaro de Soto, Ildefonso Lopez Pinciano, Luis Mercado, also including a brief analysis of the Castillan works written by these authors.
Named Alfo and still under study, these would be guided to the target by optical fibre link.