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ALG9Asparagine-Linked Glycosylation 9
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PIG-B, PIG-Z, and two [alpha]-mannosyltransferases, ALG9 and ALG12, in the N-glycosylation pathway form a protein family, supporting the idea that PIG-B is GPI-mannosyltransferase III.
This intermediate is then flipped from the cytosol to the rER lumen, where synthesis proceeds by GTs Alg3, Alg9, Alg12, Alg6, Alg8, and Alg10 that use the dolichol-linked sugars Dol-PP-Glc and Dol-PP-Man as donors to synthesize the glycan precursor Dol-PP-GlcN[Ac.sub.2] [Man.sub.9] [Glc.sub.3].