ALGIAmerican Locker Group Inc.
ALGIAssociation pour le Logement des Grands Infirmes (French: Housing Association for the Severely Disabled)
ALGIAssociazione Laboratori Geotecnici Italiani (Italian: Italian Geotechnical Association Laboratories)
ALGIAlgebra, Logic and Geometry in Informatics (seminar)
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The strati graphically located samples come from the basal 6 m (set II) of scoriaceous bombs (ALGI 30 to 38) and from the phreatomagmatic layers (ALGI 39 and ALGI 40).
CSCC), ALGI, and Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA).
At the same time, American Locker's management believes this laser cutting system will enable ALGI to reduce lead time, material waste and tooling costs, and increase manufacturing flexibility - all of which should result in improved contract manufacturing economics for the Company.