ALGUSAlliance and Leicester Group Union of Staff (UK)
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Installation view, Mitchell Algus Gallery, New York.
[cruz] Ainda que o trangressor della peccaria mortalmente, se vendesse por mais da justa notauelmente: posto que ho vendesse por menos da taxa: Como soem vender algus o pao ou vinho corrupto, que val pouco mais de nada: Porque quebrantao a ley natural & divina.
Gallery, 1972; Westbeth Gallery, 1972 and 1973; Hansen Gallery, 1977; Razor Gallery, 1979; Underground Gallery, 1989; and Mitchell Algus Gallery, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2008, and 2009.
Ortman's recent exhibition at the Algus Greenspon Gallery in Greenwich Village was special for a couple of reasons: his work is significant, but rarely shown nowadays, and if seen, there is the problem of classifying it in a way that makes sense.
Genitive singular forms of nouns in -use correspond to nominative singulars in -us, as illustrated by 'alguse ~ 'algus and kusimuse ~ kusimus in table 13.
ALGUS general secretary Clare Clark said staff were shocked at the scale of the announcement and angry about the way the company was handling the proposed closures.
The Alliance and Leicester Group Union of Staff (ALGUS) said it was dismayed by the move.
Other unions are also targeting groups of workers - the NUT is aiming leaflets at teachers from overseas, and supply and agency teachers, and finance union Algus is homing in on call centre workers.
His intention in writing this book is to bring together gender-specific law applicable to women: "ajuntar algus Privilegios e Prerogativas com que sam mais privilegiadas e favorecidas em direito .
Esmakordselt on nn Peadevonivalja alalt kindlaks tehtud perekonna Guerichosteus Halstead Tarlo levik Alam-Eifelis (Kesk-Devoni algus), senised leiud olid teada pisut vanematest kihtidest (Emsist, Alam-Devon) Poola Swietokrzyskie magedest.
In 2002, the Mitchell Algus Gallery showed these paintings for the first time since 1975 and generated renewed interest in them, motivating Tompkins to return to the series.