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ALHAtypical Lobular Hyperplasia
ALHAdvanced Light Helicopter
ALHAustralian Leisure and Hospitality Group (Victoria, Australia)
ALHAmplitude of Lateral Head (Displacement)
ALHAnimation Loisirs à l'Hôpital (French hospital recreation program)
ALHArt League Houston (Texas)
ALHAdvanced Liquid Hydrogen
ALHActive Laser Homing (US DoD)
ALHAnterior Lobe (Hypophysis) Hormone
ALHAmerican Legion Hospital (Crowley, LA)
ALHAssociation Loisirs Handicap (French: Disability Recreation Association; est. 1991)
ALHAlpha Hospitality Corporation (former stock symbol; now ALHY)
ALHAsia League Ice Hockey (also seen as ALIH)
ALHAscending Limb of Henle's Loop
ALHAustin Lindy Hop (Austin, Texas dance group)
ALHAnything Left-Handed Ltd (UK)
ALHAcquisition Logistics Handbook (US Navy)
ALHAustralian Light Horse (Australia)
ALHAutomated Liquid Handling
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Due to lack of normal healing, ALH was initiated to reduce necrotic tissue, facilitate granulation and reduce risk of infection.
An IAF ALH also crashed last year leading to the grounding of the entire fleet.
ALH is a next-generation headlamp system implementing LED array glare-free high beam technology.
Pursuant to the Transaction Agreement, on the day the results of the Chilean Offer are published (and ALH becomes legally obligated to purchase the Ordinary Shares tendered in the Chilean Offer), Positron will be required to sell to ALH (and ALH will be required to purchase from Positron) 100 percent of the equity capital of Kalo.
PRIZED ALH Polly, dam of one of the embryos owned by SL and PS Bell
The new Bagtube range uses a semi-supported inflatable bag, originally developed by ALH Systems as a gas-free secondary bag in the Iris Stop system.
Unlike a regularlandowner, the maintenance and refurbishment costs and land tax (except in QLD) are all being taken care of by ALH.
Partial involvement of acini, defined as less than one-half of the acini of an involved lobule, is classified as ALH (Figure 1, C and D).
Liquid handlers that use syringe-based or positive displacement methods continue to be the workhorses of the ALH market.
By combining the liquid handling and microplate handling processes, the Caliper Sciclone ALH 4000 enables researchers and scientists to avoid time- and labor-intensive, repetitive tasks, thus increasing walk-away time.
These organic compounds have been found in the Martian meteorite ALH 84001 and in other interstellar clouds.
5 billion years ago, the rock that later became known as meteorite ALH 84001 originated as volcanic lava under the surface of Mars as the planet formed.