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ALHAAvon Local History and Archaeology (UK)
ALHAAvon Local History Association (UK)
ALHAAssociation of Life and Health Administrators (Atlanta, GA)
ALHAAustralian Light Horse Association Ltd
ALHAAccessory Left Hepatic Artery
ALHAAberrant Left Hepatic Artery
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exigiendo la planificacion de tareas a ejecutar, la gestion de recursos y la agil toma de decisiones para alcanzar el objetivo (Nummenmaa, Alha & Kultima, 2011; Coelho et al.
politicalha--substantivo feminino formado de politico + alha, usado, com intencao pejorativa (como em gentalha), para indicar o grupo de maus politicos que se dedicam a interesses pessoais, em detrimento do bem do povo.
29 Suominen-Taipale AL, Nordblad A, Alanen P, Alha P et al.
15am Nadia Saw alha and Dr Jonty Heav ersedge launch anew daytime show promoting the good that people can do by giving blood or agr eeing to dona te organs after they die.
But the contents can also be suspect: the entry "Allahkhand" on the oral epic named after one of its heroes, Alha (not Allah), is said to be contemporary to the twelfth-century battles it describes; while the Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta is said to have traveled from Delhi to Peking via Coromandel, Malabar, and Ceylon, thereby obscuring his years of wandering in the Indian Ocean as well as the likelihood that he got no further than the southern coast of China.
Memoria sobre las aguas sulfatado-calcicas, termales, del manantial nuevo de Alha ma, provincia de Granada / por el medico director en propiedad Francisco Calleja y Alonso, 1891
The most well-known of the latter are ALHA, the Israel Association for Solo Parent Families in Need, and AMHA, the Association of Solo Parent Families in Israel.
Jumao-as identified the children as Nurmida Alha Abbi, 7, and Ashab Tawallah Abuhaip, 12.
However, tassa is but one component of a mosaic of folk musics Manuel describes, including the song genres chutney, chowtal, birha, and Alha as well as nagara drumming and the related Ahir dance tradition.
The only contribution that fits squarely in this latter mode is that of Alf Hiltebeitel on the Alha Hindi folk epic in the Sanskrit Bhavisyapurana.