ALHCAmerican Lindy Hop Championships (swing dancing competition)
ALHCArt League of Henderson County (Hendersonville, NC)
ALHCAmerican Life Holding Co., Inc.
ALHCAssociate, Life & Health Claims
ALHCAverage Linkage Hierarchical Clustering (algorithm)
ALHCArchives and Local History Centre (UK)
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Group composition of TBO (1 h, 380[degrees]C), % Compound group Symbol Solvent -- Benzene Aliphatic hydrocarbons AlHC 8.2 7.5 Monocyclic hydrocarbons MCHC PCHC 8.4 32.9 5.4 39 Polycyclic hydrocarbons Neutral hetero-atomic compounds Nhet 13.2 10.8 Polar hetero-atomic compounds Phet 37.3 37.3 Compound group Solvent Water Tetralin Aliphatic hydrocarbons 6.2 8.2 Monocyclic hydrocarbons 3.4 32.8 8.4 32.9 Polycyclic hydrocarbons Neutral hetero-atomic compounds 12.1 13.2 Polar hetero-atomic compounds 45.5 37.3 Table 4.
Information on the Associate, Life and Health Claims (ALHC) and the Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) designations can be obtained from the following organization:
Qualifications: Students must hold an ALHC Program certification and complete four additional courses: three required and one optional course, through either the LOMA or The American College curricula.