ALICArchives Library Information Center (National Archives and Records Administration)
ALICAdvanced Learning Infrastructure Consortium
ALICAllstate Life Insurance Company
ALICArid Lands Information Center
ALICAnglican-Lutheran International Commission
ALICAircraft Launcher Interface Computer
ALICAsset Limited, Income Constrained
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In the three years that he has co-chaired the ALIC, Arcbishop Hiltz said that he has noted "movement and progress around a common understanding of what we call ecclesiology, that is, the nature of the church.
ALIC, now an independent administrative agency but still run by the state, was in charge of paying subsidies to manufacturers of meat and bone meal (MBM) -- a cattle feed believed to be the cause of mad cow disease, formally known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy.
You have assumed that ALIC, an affiliate under common control with ALIAC, is a fiduciary with respect to the plans by virtue of exercising authority or control over plan assets invested in separate accounts maintained by ALIC.
From the definition and understanding of certain products to the advocacy of adequate and fitting regulation, the ALIC will perform an exceptional service for this industry," Molinaro told us.
In fact, somewhere between 25% and 33% of all adult Americans don't even have a traditional bank account, which makes check-cashing services, money orders, money transfers and utility payment collection services necessary ALIC financial services.
The consolidated organization, driven by ALIC, has a strong risk-based capital ratio, and its capital and surplus level is more than adequate for the ratings.
ALIC reported the largest decline in absolute surplus as the company paid $1.
To offset statutory net losses in both 2008 and 2009, AIC provided ALIC, the lead company within Allstate Financial, with $2 billion in capital contributions in the form of cash, securities and surplus notes.
To offset statutory net losses incurred in 2008, AIC provided ALIC with $1.
In November 2008, AIC purchased a $400 million surplus note from ALIC and made a capital contribution of $600 million to ALIC.
To offset year-to-date statutory net losses, AIC has provided ALIC with $750 million in capital contributions in September 2008 and plans to contribute an additional $1.