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ALIDAgriculture-Led Industrial Development (economics)
ALIDAutomatic Library Issue Document
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Mus'ab died in its aftermath, proving the legitimacy of the 'Alid's claim.
Downloa for TV "We want people to ht side of the law and o enjoy a happy ess ishowing livether for customers' areas, must be alid TV licence.
A roadside bomb went off on Saturday evening near the Alid bin Alwalead Mosque in the Dora area in southern Baghdad, killing at least 13 people and injuring 30 others, a local police source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.
Quoting the testimonies of Mina Alid Alamin and Cardio Hinolos Naong who hitched a ride on Algas' truck, Huesca said the men pointed their caliber .45 pistols at the victims, and demanded money from them.
Byline: Taqmeem Hussaina, Muhammad Yousuf Hussainb, Muhammad Shahbazc, Inam-ul-Haqb, Hashim Farooqb and Shaukat Alid
Nevertheless, the number of examples Gibson provides is striking, from near-enough literal insertions of fragments of one piece into another (as in the recurrence of elements from Mmios Alpha (1965-66) in Antikhthon (1971)), to more complex reuses of material, less obvious at first glance, where rhythmic patterns recur with wholly different Ombral or pitch characteristics (as in the relationship between Idmen B (1985) alid a l'ile de Goree (1986)), or where pitch recurs almost literally, but with other characteristics adapted or transformed--such a situation occurs with Pithoprakta (1955-56 and Amara (1971).
En relacion con el tema, Pedro Alid Zoppi, sin manifestarse expresamente a favor o en contra de la suspension de la medida cautelar como consecuencia de la oposicion formulada por el deudor, formula una critica a la norma, senalando que el articulo 646 debio ser modificado en su texto original que se mantuvo tal como fue propuesto, pues habiendose previsto originalmente que el procedimiento se aplicara a causas de menor cuantia, al eliminarse esa limitacion cuantitativa, el legislador debio "por fuerza de la supresion, hacer la rectificacion del caso o, al menos, prever la suspension inmediata de la medida si el demandado hace oposicion y contesta, y remitir entonces a las reglas del juicio ordinario para que obtenga la medida o esta fuese ratificada..."(34))
In the present study, we examined the TP using gallic alid as standard, flavonoids [TF] using catechin as standard.
Since the kimono has no pockets, sagemono were needed to carry small articles, into (consisting of several compartments with alid) being the most common type.
Thus, the Ismailis of Northern Areas of Pakistan as well as the Central Asian Ismailis are called Mawlais (followers of the Alid's Imams, that means Ismaili Imams).