ALIFSAssociation du Lien Interculturel Familial et Social (French: Association of Intercultural Family and Social Relationships)
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The letter forms are rounded, but still bear some resemblance to kufic, particularly in the shape of kaf, medial/final alif extends below the line (in qala, 1.
2, ishta'ala: the top part of only the initial alif remains; its lower part, as well as the initial two hooks of the following shin, are lost to a lacuna that extends from the right-hand margin; 1.
I need only point to the different ways in which plain alif and alif + hamza (which are separate Unicode code points, as are ya', alif maqsura, and Persian ya' (56)) are treated in searches; or to the fact that the presence of shadda, vowel signs, or plain errors will skew search results.