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A de facto standard for building lexical ontologies is WordNet (, Fellbaum 1998), a lexical database under constant development at Princeton University (, Felbaum and Vossen 2008); the wordnet model has been adopted in EurWordNet (EWN) (Vossen et alii 1997), a multilingual lexical database which maps together lexicons of ordinary languages belonging to eight European languages.
RUDA SANTOLARIA, Juan Jose et alii, Relaciones entre la Iglesia catolica y el Estado Peruano.
The full text of the sentence in question is the following: 'alii discunt - pro pudor!
Although the privatisations garnered most of the headlines, Alii says that the changes to the rules and regulations governing the sector are equally significant.
Srivastava et alii (1998) ja haviam percebido que a ausencia de um entendimento completo que identifica e integra as relacoes entre marketing e financas tem graves implicacoes na alocacao de recursos as atividades de marketing e ao bem estar financeiro da empresa.
Carter, Daniel Sarnelli, Alii Steinberg, Lisa Tharps.