ALIPAssisted Living Innovation Platform (UK)
ALIPAnnular Linear Induction Pump
ALIPAtypical Localization of Immature Precursors
ALIPAdolescent Leisure Interest Profile (survey)
ALIPAction Learning Internship Program
ALIPAbnormal Localized Immature Myeloid Precursor (hematology)
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In one of the largest studies to date, Voulgarelis et al (10) looked at 40 cases of SLE and similarly found frequent dysplastic changes, most notable in the erythroid and megakaryocytic lineages, as well as ALIP that showed striking similarity to the control cases of MDS, refractory anemia subtype.
A exclusao da variavel renda familiar e justificada pelo fato de ter sido observado, pelo coordenador do Projeto ALIP, ainda no decorrer da constituicao do banco de dados IBORUNA, que essa variavel esta codeterminada pela escolaridade, tendo sido desprezada, portanto, ainda no ambito da constituicao do banco de dados.
ALIP is managed by a board of directors composed of six directors, who are appointed by the Appraisal Institute's president-elect.
While every insurers needs are different, ALIP will likely make the short list for many selections.
Accenture said that ALIP has been selected for its advanced architecture and modern tools to help ease integration with other systems, in addition to its robust features and configurable approach that empowers business users with added capabilities and flexibility.
Histopathological evaluation of bone marrow trephines is therefore strongly advocated as an additional source of information not only to establish diagnosis but also to assess accurately bone marrow cellularity, fibrosis, and the presence of ALIP and to detect the incipient evolution into acute non lymphoid leukaemia.
The product with ALIP functionality will be launched in the coming months.
Cientes dessa carencia de estudos sociolinguisticos sobre variedades paulistas, sobretudo do interior do estado, instituimos, no ano de 2003, o projeto ALIP, motivados pelos interesses de pesquisas que tinham como principal diretriz o enfoque da lingua inserida em seu contexto social.
Used by leading insurers worldwide, ALIP is a robust, configurable and scalable solution that provides life insurance carriers and annuity providers with advanced capabilities for product development, new business development, underwriting, policy administration, claims and payout.
ALIPs deep features and out-of-the-box content combined with our ongoing investment in new and exciting capabilities and strong upgrade methodology for keeping customers current is a compelling strategic platform for this environment.
The latest version of ALIP will help position this leading life and annuity carrier for new business by providing a modern, sustainable platform to help the insurer deliver new policies quickly, accurately and at high-volume scale.