ALIPAssisted Living Innovation Platform (UK)
ALIPAnnular Linear Induction Pump
ALIPAtypical Localization of Immature Precursors
ALIPAdolescent Leisure Interest Profile (survey)
ALIPAction Learning Internship Program
ALIPAbnormal Localized Immature Myeloid Precursor (hematology)
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Accenture will also provide cloud infrastructure outsourcing (IO) and application outsourcing (AO) with an As-A-Service option for clients that wish to have ALIP in the Cloud managed offsite.
It allows us to offer carriers a way to lower costs and simplify their IT environment while providing them the ability to still maintain their unique product and service differentiation with the highly configurable and robust features of ALIP.
Enabling carriers to leverage ALIP on Azure, either as an augmentation strategy or full replacement to on-premises systems, will deliver all new levels of business agility to the life insurance business.
This will help companies build a foundation for implementation of traditional and non-traditional life products, contributing to ALIP s ability to help reduce the cost and time to launch new products by more than 50 percent.
Performance and testing benchmarks: ALIP recently successfully completed a performance test with over 10 million insurance and annuity policies and applications, meeting performance expectations of even the largest global insurance carriers.
The product with ALIP functionality will be launched in the coming months.
Accenture Software for life and annuity managing director Shay Alon said: "Through continued investments in ALIP, we are providing clients with the most modern architecture available.
ALIP is a configurable and scalable software suite, which offers all sizes of solutions for life insurance and annuity carriers, together with product development, new business, underwriting, policy administration comprising claims and payout.
In one of the largest studies to date, Voulgarelis et al (10) looked at 40 cases of SLE and similarly found frequent dysplastic changes, most notable in the erythroid and megakaryocytic lineages, as well as ALIP that showed striking similarity to the control cases of MDS, refractory anemia subtype.
Other more uncommon features, such as pseudomyeloproliferative disease, lipogranulomas, and ALIP, were also common to both CVD and control groups.
ALIP is managed by a board of directors composed of six directors, who are appointed by the Appraisal Institute's president-elect.
The ALIP board meets twice a year with the Appraisal Institute's independent insurance consultant and the E&O insurance administrator for updates regarding administration, marketing, underwriting and claims.