ALISAlberta Learning Information Service
ALISAutonomic Logistics Information System
ALISAssociation du Locked-In Syndrome (Association for the Locked-In Syndrome)
ALISAutomated License Issuance System (Wisconsin state government)
ALISAlaska Land Information System
ALISAdvanced Life Information System
ALISAlternate Lighting of Surface Method (Fujitsu and Hitachi plasma displays)
ALISAccess Lines in Service (telecommunications)
ALISAdvanced Life Insurance System
ALISAegis LAN Interconnect System
ALISAmericas Lodging Investment Summit LLC (Costa Mesa, CA)
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I spent two years looking for the right venture capital team to fund and help guide the company and it was worth every day," said Bill Ward co-founder and inventor of the ALIS technology.
Founded in 2005 and financed by Kodiak Venture Partners, Arch Ventures and Intel Capital, ALIS Corporation created a helium ion technology that enables scientists to see at the atomic level with resolution and material contrast never before observed in the scientific world.
The scanning helium ion microscope technology has been under development for over ten years, but recently ALIS scientists achieved a breakthrough that makes commercial use practical.