ALISSAdvanced Lightweight Influence Sweep System (minesweeper)
ALISSAutomated Life Insurance Sales System (Kirkland, WA)
ALISSAssociation of Library and Information Science Students (University of Washington; Seattle, WA)
ALISSArtists and Learning Information and Support Service (England, UK)
ALISSAffordable Laser Infrared Couner Measures (IRCM) Survivability System
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BUTTON, A HIGHLY EXPERIENCED designer of costumes for theater and opera whose first big ballet designs were for McIntyre's Aliss, agreed nearly four years ago to design costumes for Peter on spec.
Long exposure times are necessary for ALISS to capture vent glow, which is too faint to be seen by the human eye.
The ALISS camera, built by Princeton Instruments Inc.
ALISS is controlled by a scientist inside Alvin using a personal computer, which also stores the ALISS data.
Peter Aliss, he's paid to watch and talk about golf.
A place which will be remembered for last year's BBC's production of Peter Aliss in Blunderland as much as for Phil Mickelson.
Aliss infamously stated the American's curling putt on the 72nd hole had earned him a play-off with Ernie Els.
His demeanour on the course drew plaudits from no less a golfing hero than Peter Aliss, the BBC commentator who has seen golfers come and go for many years.
Aliss also liked Rock's swing which the 26-year-old appreciated more than anything.
THE BBC'S voice of golf Peter Aliss has produced a superb new DVD packed with five hours of education and entertainment.
Gordon, 54, said yesterday: "When Jack Nicklaus smashed his 18th tee shot out of bounds during a former champions' four-ball contest, Peter Aliss told millions of viewers, 'My goodness, it's in Gordon Begg's garden'.