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ALITEAccelerated Learning in Training and Education (educational products and services; UK)
ALITEAugmented Logistics Intervention Team for Emergencies (WFP)
ALITEAviation Language International Test of English
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It is formed at lower temperatures than the alite and early concrete (created in lower temperature kilns) was almost exclusively belite.
The early behaviour of hydrating PC is governed by reactions of aluminate phases while the setting and the early strength development behaviour is mostly dependent on the hydration of silicates, particularly alite.
8) See Ovid's Metamorphoses, X, 155-161: "Rex superum Phrygii quondam Ganymedis amore/ arsit, et inventum est aliquid, quod Iuppiter esse,/ quam quod erat, mallet, nulla tamen alite verti/ dignatur, nisi quae posset sua fulmina ferre.
Mobile, in particular, is difficult to protect from fraud," Julie Conroy McNelley, senior fraud and risk analyst at the Alite Group, said in a statement.
C'est une maladie degenerative affreuse parce qu'il est reste les neuf derniers mois alite, des jours complets sans sortir de la maison.
Gentiles clypeos sunt qui in Iovis alite gestant, Sunt quibus aut serpens, aut leo signa ferunt.
Jurors told journalists after the trial ended that they had been suspicious immediately of the star prosecution witness, a confessed mob hitman called John Alite, who was once a close Gotti friend.
Mode les helle nistiques et re alite s romaines, Actes de la table ronde et du colloque org.
C'est le detail qui rehausse la re alite du Dogon auquel il s'est identifie, et contraste avec l'insistante harmonie tricolore du tableau.
0 MW wind turbines from Alite Wind LLC, a company owned by Australian group Allco Finance Group Limited.