ALIVHAny-Layer, Inner Via Hole (Matsushita Electronics Components Company)
ALIVHAny-Layer Interstitial Via Hole
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ALIVH is the resin board material developed and commercialized by Panasonic.
Electronic products manufacturer Panasonic Corporation (NYSE:PC) announced on Wednesday a ceremony to celebrate the completion of its new factory in Taiwan for production of ALIVH multi-layer resin boards to be used for high-functionality terminals such as smartphones.
will jointly build a new plant in Vietnam for producing ALIVH multi-layer resin boards for use in smartphones and other high-functionality mobileterminals.
ALIVH boards are resin multi-layered printed wiring boards for mobile phones, developed jointly by Matsushita Electric Components and its parent Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.
Matsushita Electronic Components co-developed ALIVH with the parent electric appliance maker and has mass-produced it in Japan since 1996.
In order to meet the growing demand for circuit boards for these high-functionality terminals, Panasonic is striving to increase its overseas production capacity for its original ALIVH multi-layer resin boards that offer advantages in high-density and multi-layer count applications.
The any layer IVH structure employing the same glass-epoxy board material as ALIVH permits high-density packaging of components.
To respond to surging demand for printed circuit boards (PCB) for such phones, the company is strengthening overseas production of printed circuit boards based on its proprietary ALIVH technology that are suitable for high-density and high layer count applications.
ALIVH is a multilayer resin board developed and commercialized by Panasonic as the world's first full-layer interstitial via hole (IVH).
a Panasonic Group company specialized in manufacturing advanced electronic components, and AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellschaft, a European market leader and one of the largest printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers in the world, today announced that they have reached an agreement, under which Panasonic will license its unique multi-layer resin board technology called ALIVH (Any Layer Interstitial Via Hole) to AT&S.
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