ALIXAnion Liquid Ion Exchange
ALIXAtlantic Littoral ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) Experiment (Defence Research and Development Canada)
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Alberto Garcia Alix is a veteran photographer whom the art world had thought little about up until a few years ago.
Alix was born in Korea, from a relationship his mother had with an American GI.
Alix is president of Jay Alix and Associates, a 50-person accounting firm in Southfield, Michigan, specializing in corporate turnarounds, bankruptcy reorganization, debt restructuring and litigation.
We are delighted that Alix has joined Jefferies in Paris to focus on our institutional clients based in France," commented Jon Pliner, Head of Jefferies' European Credit Business.
1,600: Wachusett (Kayle McElroy, Cathy (SEE CORRECTION) Burgess, Alix McElroy, Meghan Leahy)
Today, the family are jetting off for a week's holiday to Portugal, giving hard-working Alix a chance to bond with baby Isobel.
The cases of Noel, Robinson, Heirens, and Hall are discussed in Alix, Ransom Kidnapping in America, 49, 108, 127-28, and 184.
We thought we would have another who cried night and day as Alix just wanted to be fed the whole time.
Mum of two Alix, from Sutton Coldfield, West Mids, said: "Doctors said I could have collapsed and died just like that.
Alix was first called up for the national squad in 2000 for the Lloyds TSB Six Nations game against Scotland.
Alix Brown has a raft of medical problems, including a disease called gastroparesis which means she can't digest her food properly and vomits more than 30 times a day.
I am aware of the speculation, however, Alix Popham is contracted to the Scarlets until May 31, 2009," said Scarlets chief executive Stuart Gallacher.