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ALJAdministrative Law Judge
ALJAustralian Law Journal (Law Book Company, Ltd.)
ALJAbdul Latif Jameel Co. Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
ALJAssociation for Legal Justice (Northern Ireland)
ALJArt Libraries Journal (quarterly)
ALJAir Liquide Japan Ltd.
ALJAssociation Loisirs Jeunesse (French: Youth Recreation Association)
ALJAnodyne-Lubricant Jelly
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On remand, ALJ Miller adopted and applied the Secretary's test in full, and ruled against Emerald Coal.
ALJ Regional Holdings also owns Phoenix, a manufacturer of book components, educational materials and related products producing value-added components, heavily illustrated books and specialty commercial products using a broad spectrum of materials and decorative technologies.
ALJ said the acquisition of the USD88 million company expands its revenue from USD190 million to USD278 million, and expands ALJ's EBITDA from USD18.
The service provision agreement between ALJ Group and FedEx Express came into force on 1 January 2015.
In May, the ALJ recommended to the commission a "cease and desist" order that prohibited the sale of any commercially significant quantities of Apple's accused products if it was found to violate, as the company held substantial inventories in the U.
In brief, for credit unions, HR 3461's creation of an avenue for appealing an NCUA examination to an ALJ, if enacted, may not yield the benefits that some credit unions and trade associations now perceive in the potential ALJ hearings.
As a practical matter, ALJ decisions that grant disability benefits are final and irrevocable commitments of taxpayer funds.
It is staffed by more than 150 qualified technicians who were trained at the ALJ Center in the latest training programs adopted from Japan and they are continuously updated with the latest technologies in fixing and maintaining Toyota cars.
ALJ is the distributor of the motor vehicles of the Toyota Group (Toyota, Lexus and Daihatsu) in 12 countries (Japan, England, Germany, China, Egypt, Monaco, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey).
AaAn official at ALJ said the company would invite within two weeks owners of Toyota Sequoia and Avalon models -- both of which are produced in the United States -- to get their cars checked.
In response to the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2008, this report examines, among other things, (1) the process for hiring ALJs and selected agencies' observations of the process; (2) ALJs' retirement eligibility and retirement issues; (3) and agency managers' reported ALJ performance management practices and stakeholders' views of these practices.
The Advisory Board of ALJ Grant for Funding Scientific Research and Innovation in Technology in the Arab World and the Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) will meet on Sunday (27th Sept.