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the ALJs relevant to Lucia are "near-carbon copies" of special
claim construction rulings by ALJs were not overturned at a lower rate
the Fifth Circuit and ALJs, it appears that the recurrence of
Other great Western democracies such as the Federal Republic of Germany, the French Republic, and the Italian Republic all have a separate system of ALJs serving in their own building and enjoying the equivalent of tenure during good behavior.
Where a disabled individual seeks review of an ALJ's decision denying his request for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits and partially denying his application for Supplemental Security Income, the decision is reversed because it did not address the individual's borderline age situation.
First, the SEC cannot move all of its disgorgement actions to administrative proceedings because the future of ALJs remains in doubt.
organic statute for the SEC ALJs at issue in Lucia v.
Kagan cites distinguishing factors--tenure, duration, significant authority and discretion--then quickly concludes the ALJs are "officers." Since the ALJ hearing Mr.
131 dramatically alters the state's tax appeals landscape, perhaps most notably in that tax appeals formerly heard by the five-member BOE will now be heard by ALJs who are a part of the OTA's three-member tax appeal panels.
In Franks ALJ Miller held there was substantial evidence that Emerald Coal discriminated against the miners.
Civil Opinions   Administrative Disability Benefits; Development of Record; ALJs Duty   Where a claimant challenged the denial of her application for disability insurance benefits and supplemental security income, the judgment is reversed and remanded for further factual findings because the administrative law judge erred in relying on his own inferences as to the relevance of treatment notes and failed to meet his duty to fully and fairly develop the record.