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ALK3Alkaline Trio (band)
ALK3Activin-Like Kinase 3 (receptor)
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Using "molecular fishing" techniques, they were able to selectively extract the cells that expressed PDX1 and ALK3, grow them in a dish and demonstrate that they can proliferate in the presence of BMP-7 and later differentiate into beta cells.
USP15 is involved in the TGF/BMP signaling pathway through connecting with ALK3, ALK5, and monoubiquitylated R-SMADs [92-94].
A nivel de superficie celular, el dimero de BMP se une al receptor tipo I (activin receptor-like kinase; ALK2, ALK3, o ALK6) y al receptor tipo II (BMPR-II, ActR-IIA, o ActRIIB) para la formacion de complejos heteromericos.