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ALLEAlberta Language Learning Environment (University of Calgary, Canada)
ALLEApplied Linguistics and Language in Education (Macquarie University; Sydney, Australia)
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The biggest discussion point seems to be whether not a spaghetti alle vongole should contain tomatoes or not.
The birds of North America online [-] Dovekie (Alle alle).
There have been many great collaborators, really nice people, really talented people but the person I work with is my cousin Alle Benassi.
Alle Processing Corporation, a manufacturer and distributor of kosher foods, will receive $2.4 million in real estate and sales tax benefits to help finance the renovation and equipping of two buildings it owns in Maspeth, Queens.
che sia data licentia per questa volta a quelli che recitano comedie, che passate le tre feste prossime di Natale, possonno per tutto it carneval che seguita, solamente recitar le loro comedie in questa citta con espressa conditione, che siano finite alle quatro hora di notte al piu, dovendo anco esser recitate con modestia, et honesta.
Was fur eine Luge, dreister noch als alle vorigen, wird Monolito wieder aufgetischt haben?
The lobby and restaurant will be opened up toward Falkoner Alle. In addition, conference rooms and a concert hall adjacent to the hotel will be modernised to a completely new standard with new technology.
Floating serenely on the shimmering surface of Lake Lugano, this extraordinary cutaway interior model reconstructs Borromini's Baroque Roman masterpiece San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane.
The Modo di vivere proposto alle vergini che si chiaman dimesse (Venice, 1577) by Agostino Valier or Valiero, Bishop of Verona, was published a decade before the introduction of the order of the Dimesse in Venice.(90) An advice book for unmarried women living at home with their families, Valier's treatise is valuable for our present purposes as beneath its pious and reassuring surface, it gives a good impression of the difficulties the existence of such women presented for a society which had no recognized place for them.