ALLNAnimal Love and Loss Network (Bozman, MD)
ALLNAdult Literacy, Language and Numeracy (UK)
ALLNN-Acetyl-Leucine Leucine Norleucinal (aka N-Acetyl-Leucinal-Leucinal-Norleucinal)
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Ventilatory activity in skates produces a strong reafference, driving the electrosensory ALLN afferents through approximately 63% of their dynamic range (New and Bodznick, 1990).
The variability in intensity and temporal pattern of ALLN fiber responses indicates that the reafference produced by electric organ discharge is fundamentally different from that produced when the animal ventilates.
The variability of the responses of ALLN fibers to EOD reafference suggests that the EOD spreads over the outside and inside of the animal and modulates the activity of ampullary electroreceptors differentially depending upon receptor location and orientation with respect to the generated external electric field.