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ALLSAdult Literacy and Life Skills Survey (international study)
ALLSAdvanced Laser Light Source (Canada)
ALLSAdult Lifelong Learning Section
ALLSAnterolateral Lateral Suprasylvian Area
ALLSAlain Leroy Locke Society (est. 1994; Boston, MA)
ALLSApollo Lunar Logistic Support
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And now, besides all this, I have insulted valuable patron.
I 'asten to tell him all, and plead with him to be decent old buck.
All is fair, you say, in love and war, and this was both.
'In the 'all this afternoon,' he has said, 'I have seen by chance the dickens of a funny occurrence.
"Of all the blamed fools, next to you, Salters, him an' his crowd are abaout the likeliest I've ever seen," said Disko as the "We're Here" slid away.
"They'll tell that tale ag'in' us fer years - that's all," said Disko.
"It's plumb mortifyin' to all my feelin's," the skipper went on.
Double game an' twice runnin' - all to us." Dan kicked Harvey under the table, and Harvey choked in his cup.
And it also came to him that all this colossal operating of his was being done on his own money.
The cessation of buying had turned the Stock Exchange into a bedlam, and down all the line of stocks the bears were smashing.
Not alone Ward Valley, but all securities were being hammered down by the triumphant bears.
Of course, they had been unloading on him all the time, and now they were buying Ward Valley back for a song ere the market righted itself.