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* Detailed within are the results of a recent trial to determine the feasibility of using Almag 535 in the permanent mold casting process.
Those qualities can be found in aluminum-magnesium casting alloys, the most common being aluminum-magnesium alloy 535.0 (Almag 535).
Energy savings as a result of good mechanical properties and dimensional stability in the as-cast condition along with more cost-effective heat treatment options make Almag 535 an attractive choice--for sand casters.
Because of the inherent benefits of using metal dies, the permanent mold process could help unlock new opportunities for the use of Almag 535.
A series of test castings was produced using Almag 535 in three different prototype molds.
Although high-strength levels are not the usual requirement for Almag 35, pressure tightness is almost always a required property.
Figure 2 compares the tensile strengths of filtered and unfiltered Almag 35 alloy.