ALMIApplication Level Multicast Infrastructure
ALMIAlumindo Light Metal Industry (Indonesia)
ALMIAbiding Life Ministries International (Christian mission organization)
ALMIAutomated Listing and Mapping Instrument (US Census Bureau)
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ALMI, the country's largest producer of aluminum foil plans to expand its production capacity from 15,600 tons to 20,000 tons per year.
ALMI is a subsidiary of the Maspion Group, a large company group based in Surabaya, East Java.
The beginning ALMI focused on producing feedstock for the Maspion Group, which produces various household equipment and aluminum foil as packaging material.
In the first years of its operation, ALMI had a production capacity of 12,000 tons of aluminum sheet per year.
In 1998 ALMI used new machines of the VAI brand from Austria with an additional investment of US$ 15 million.
In August 1998, ALMI received the certificate of ISO 9002 from Lloyd's Register and ISO 9001:2000, for good quality recognized internationally.
This year (2009) ALMI plans capacity expansion to increase its production capacity to 144,000 tons of aluminum sheets per year.
Currently its production capacity for aluminum sheets is 36,000 tons per year making it the second largest producer of aluminum sheets in the country after ALMI.
In the first year of its operation in 1983, ALMI had a production capacity of 4,800 tons of aluminum foils per year.
Nokia said that ALMI was also considering developing the Nokia-protected network to enable secure link-up with external business partners via an enhanced Virtual Private Network (VPN) system.
ALMI distributes development grants to small businesses on behalf of the Swedish government.
Major organization : ALMI FEuRETAGSPARTNER AB (556481-6204)