ALMRAssociation of Licensed Multiple Retailers (UK)
ALMRAdvanced Liquid Metal Reactor
ALMRAlaska Land Mobile Radio
ALMRAssociation of Lighting & Mercury Recyclers (USA)
ALMRAustralian Labour Market Research (conference)
ALMRA Last Minute Resource
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The ALMR will be consulting with its solicitors over the council's final legislation to see what sort of challenge it can mount.
ALMR, since it's been installed is a narrowbanded operation," says ALMR Operations Manager Del Smith.
ALMR chief Nick Bish said: "If the price of lager since 1996 had risen at the same rate as pub Sky subscriptions, we would currently be paying more than pounds 9 for a pint.
ALMR chief executive Nick Bish said: "Watching a big game in the local with friends is as close to being there as you can get.
constitutes important progress and, as demonstrated in the ALMR case,
The ALMR system links 87 sites operated by utilities, security and public safety, state agencies, the DoD and local emergency services with a P.
And if high-level radioactive waste is such a serious problem, doesn't it make sense to revive developmental support for the ALMR reactor, which "burns" or transmutes the long-lived radioactive materials, so that after a few hundred years the wastes become less hazardous than the natural uranium in the ground.
Among the interesting features of the ALMR design is the placement of the components and operating systems.
Bidders shall be responsible for providing the radios and programming the ALMR code-plug for all radios with borough provided fleet map.
Pricing: "As with many things, you usually get what you pay for," ALMR notes.
ALMR chief executive Nick Bish speaking yesterday went on, 'Pubs and bars will be breathing a sigh of relief.
ALMR chief executive Nick Bish went on: "We already have a million pints of beer crossing the channel each day because of the duty differential between Britain and France - that is a million lost sales a day for British pubs and bars.