ALMTAlma-Ata Time (time zone)
ALMTAlliance for Licensing Massage Therapists (Minnesota)
ALMTApollo Lunar Mission Tutorial (space exploration simulation)
ALMTAnalysis-Lite Machine Translation (part of Generate-And-Repair Machine Translation)
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Aluminum activated citrate and malate transporters from the MATE and ALMT families function independently to confer Arabidopsis aluminum tolerance.
The ALMT upon which PAP is based, was validated statistically for the third time and presented at the 1998 Melbourne International Council of Psychologists' 56th Annual Convention (Costello & Meyer).
In the same year he posited ALMT revisions for forensics/military intelligence and gathered a research team.
In 1998 at the Australian College of Education Melbourne convention he presented and demonstrated the ALMT, published for its second biofeedback statistical validation ISBN 1875713034 At the 1994 San Francisco California Annual Careers Conference, Costello and his wife administered ALMT over three days to 30 volunteer participants.
In 1998 ALMT biofeedback statistical validations were presented at the ICP Melbourne 56th Annual Convention, highlighting the final statistical validation for US and Australian samples and distributed to delegates (Costello and Meyer, 1998).
In later statistical validation publications ACVII (B) was re-named as ALMT (Australian Life Mission Test).
The USLMT standardization based on ALMT Australian life mission test.
Australian computerized vocational interest inventory: Australian life mission test ALMT.
ALMT Australian life mission test using computerized biofeedback career assessment compared with USLMT statistical validation N=136, abs, Proceedings of the 56th Annual Convention, International Council of Psychologists, Melbourne, Aug.
Comparing factorial structure of the ACVII test based on logic versus ALMT based on feelings.