ALNAPActive Learning Network for Accountability and Performance
ALNAPAfrican Laboratory for Natural Products (Ethiopia)
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(63) Nina Behram, "ALNAP's Review of Humanitarian Action in 2004" (report, Overseas Development Institute, London: 2005),
However, since the research was not entirely designed in this manner (rather it fell into it), a significant amount of empirical work was undertaken and is detailed in Kawalek and Hammond, 2001; Kawalek and Burton, 2002; and ALNAP Review, 2002).
E.g., ALNAP, EVALUATING HUMANITARIAN ACTION Using the OECD-DAC Criteria: An ALNAP Guide for Humanitarian Agencies [section] 3.6.1 (2006) ("[C]oordination is an important consideration in the evaluation of humanitarian action."); OECD DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE COMMITTEE, GUIDANCE FOR EVALUATING HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE IN COMPLEX EMERGENCIES 23 (1999).
'There has been a global outpouring of resources for Haiti, so there's a challenge to coordination because of the sheer number of agencies on the ground,' says Ben Ramalingam, head of research and development at ALNAP, a network of international humanitarian agencies established in 1997 following the Rwanda genocide.
(2.) The finance review of the official donor evaluation conducted one year after the disaster in 2005-06 by the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition (TEC), ALNAP (Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action), and coordinated by the Overseas Development Institute, London indicated that victims had in excess of $7,000 per head.
(6) ProVention Consortium and ALNAP. "South Asia Earthquake 2005: Learning from Previous Earthquake Relief Operations."