ALNAPActive Learning Network for Accountability and Performance
ALNAPAfrican Laboratory for Natural Products (Ethiopia)
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Lucchi, Humanitarian Interventions in Settings of Urban Violence, ALNAP Lessons Paper, January 2014, http://www.
However, since the research was not entirely designed in this manner (rather it fell into it), a significant amount of empirical work was undertaken and is detailed in Kawalek and Hammond, 2001; Kawalek and Burton, 2002; and ALNAP Review, 2002).
About ALNAP Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP) is a unique network of the key international humanitarian organizations and experts from across the humanitarian sector, including members from donor, NGO, Red Cross/Crescent, UN, and independent/academic organizations.
ALNAP, STATE OF THE HUMANITARIAN SYSTEM 66 (2012) (noting "agency resistance" to peer review processes).