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--Naval Innovation Advisors: ALNAV 012/16 provided guidance for the new Naval Innovation Advisory Council and the creation of the SECNAV Innovation Advisors program to begin in FY16.
issued implementing instructions which predominantly reiterated ALNAV
In ALNAV 052/15 I informed you about the loss of personnel information at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) where the electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) of current and former federal employees was compromised.
Several FMSO officers gathered around in the Code 93 Conference Room to read the ALNAV and learned for the first time the new designations and their new acronyms.
First, an ALNAV has just been released to announce the SECNAV's annual Innovation Awards program for 2015.
ALNAV 057/10 - Internet-based Capabilities Guidance - Unofficial Internet Posts provides policy guidance for Navy personnel when using social media for personal use.
The Secretary of Navy announces the winners, runner-up and honorable mention commands in the January/February time frame each year via an All Navy (ALNAV) message.
The first ALNAV, Internet-based Capabilities Guidance--Official Internet Posts, addresses the use of social media and collaborative tools as a means to disseminate and share official information.
ALNAV 050/06 outlines the minimum requirements for submitting a waiver request for officers who have at least eight years commissioned service.
Answer: The zone (senior ad junior officers) for the FY 09 Supply Community were released in ALNAV message format sometime during the first two weeks of December.
Spot checks are now required twice yearly as required in ALNAV 070/07, DTG 042232Z of Oct.