ALNGAngola Liquefied Natural Gas (Chevron)
ALNGAtlantic Liquefied Natural Gas
ALNGAdriatic Liquefied Natural Gas (Porto Viro, Italy)
ALNGAustralia Liquefied Natural Gas (cooperative marketing group)
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Gulf LNG signed two 20-year contracts with ALNG and ENI, to deliver the LNG.
Angola LNG Marketing Ltd said: "Following on from the other sales agreements recently announced by ALNG, this is another step in building a strong sales portfolio with some of the most important players in the global LNG market.
Glencore commented: "Glencore is delighted to establish this long-term contract with ALNG.
P71-07282 WinSvrDataCtr ALNG SA MVL MVL 2Proc MicrosoftWindowsServerDatacenter AllLng SoftwareAssurance 1License 2Proc 12,
T6L-00238 SysCtrDatactr ALNG SA MVL MVL 2Proc MicrosoftSysCtrDatacenter AllLng SoftwareAssurance 1License 2Proc 24 pieces,
7JQ-00343 SQLSvrEntCore ALNG SA MVL MVL 2Lic CoreLic MicrosoftSQLSvrEnterpriseCore AllLng SoftwareAssurance 2Licenses CoreLic 8,
312-02257 ExchgSvrStd ALNG SA MVL MVL MicrosoftExchangeServerStandard AllLng SoftwareAssurance 1License 2,
395-02504 ExchgSvrEnt ALNG SA MVL MVL MicrosoftExchangeServerEnterprise AllLng SoftwareAssurance 1License 3,
5GB-00216 SfBSvr ALNG SA MVL MVL MicrosoftSfBServer AllLng SoftwareAssurance 1License 1,
H04-00268 SharePointSvr ALNG SA MVL MVL MicrosoftSharePointServer AllLng SoftwareAssurance 1License 6,
N9J-00524 DynCRMSvr ALNG SA MVL MVL MicrosoftDynamicsCRMSvr AllLng SoftwareAssurance 1License 4,
R39-00396 WinSvrExtConn ALNG SA MVL MVL MicrosoftWindowsServerExternalConnector AllLng SoftwareAssurance 1License 4,