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ALNICOAluminum Nickel Cobalt
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Material [BH.sub.max] [B.sub.r] [H.sub.c] (kJ/[m.sup.3]) (T) (kA/m) NdFeB 220-500 0.97-1.45 740-1000 SmCo 120-240 0.85-1.1 620-840 Ferrite 7-42 0.2-0.48 120-360 AlNiCo 10-35 0.6-1.16 40-120 TABLE III.
The two compositions decagonal quasicrystalline alloys (AlCuCo and AlNiCo) have its formation of a solid solution that derives from a common phase between both systems in that copper the compensation for the nickel.
The AlNiCo is a non-rare-earth PM, which is composed of aluminum nickel cobalt, a small amount of copper and a balance of iron.
Cobalt-platinum magnets were available at the same time as Alnico magnets.
Murray Chair Professor of Physics at the University of Delaware, the alnico and ferrite magnets, the first two permanent magnets ever produced, do not have rare earth in them and their performance is much lower.
Neodymium-boron-iron rare earth permanent magnets develop magnetic fields up to 25 times stronger than conventional ceramic or alnico units, with no increase in size, according to the company.
To fully understand magnetic particle filtration in order to make informed selection choices, it is important to develop a basic understanding of the three types of magnets that are commonly used in industrial applications: Alnico, standard ceramic, and rare earth.
With the development of this new ferrite magnet and the move to mass production, NEOMAX enhances its product lineup and reinforces its position as the world's strongest and largest manufacturer of magnets, including rare-earth magnets, and alnico magnets.
Fishery is situated three miles south of Alnico. Come off at the Shallotte and turn off across the south carriageway.
Lead singer Alex Kapranos told fansite 'For reverb, we constructed a unit from an old oil tank, a ribbon mike and a couple of Alnico speakers.
A proprietary seamless molding process seals the Alnico V magnetic core from solutions and possible leaching.