ALNSAdaptive Large Neighborhood Search (algorithm)
ALNSAdmiral Lord Nelson School (Portsmouth, UK)
ALNSAmes Laboratory Neutron Scattering (Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Oak Ridge, TN)
ALNSAlien Lord New Species
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However, histopathology of ALNs dissected from these patients showed metastasis in 44.8% (30/67) samples and metastasis free lymph nodes in 55.2% (37/67) patients.
Explaining inhibiting factors, Pawlas & Olivia (2008) expound on the importance of classroom community by examining the survey-based ALN, Sense of Classroom Community Index (SCCI) developed by Alfred Rovai.
However, considering a limited targeting rate around 20% and a comparatively poor ALN imaging capability for UCAs, in this study, we introduced another near-infra fluorescent dye as we tried previously [9], IR783, which has been approved for a tumor-targeting selectivity and enhanced new bubbles' targeting rate as well as a higher sensitivity for sentinel lymph node (SLN) mapping due to their low background autofluorescence.
The strongest predictors in determining the risk for metastasis are as follows: tumor diameter, histological grade, axillary lymph nodes (ALN) metastasis and hormone receptors (HR) and HER2 status as well as Ki-67 proliferation index (6).
To reveal contractile activity, the same size of fixed ROIs in fluorescent internodal lymphatic vessels connecting from the inguinal lymph node (ILN) to the axillary LN (ALN) (1.5 cm away from the ILN) was selected.
(13,14) There was speculation that radiation oncologists, who could not be blinded to patients' axillary surgery assignment, may have adjusted the breast irradiation tangents to include part of the level I/II ALNs more often in the SLN-only arm.
Alentus Corporation of Canada (PINKSHEETS: ALNS), a web hosting, dedicated server, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Exchange and dedicated server hosting provider, has collaborated with NovaStor.
They were suspicious of the claims of learning outcomes of students and warned that "Researchers, instructional designers and consumers of ALNs must be cautious when interpreting results of media comparison studies.
Este metodo emplea la accion secuencial de dos enzimas: inicialmente, (ALNS remueve el grupo sulfato del sustrato 4-metil-umberiferil [beta]-D-galactopiranosido-6-sulfato y, finalmente, el fluorogeno 4-metilumbeliferona es liberado por la enzima [beta]-galactosidasa.
For ALNs focused on the study of educational research, a partial list of these can be gleaned from posts that helped build threads of conversation in the present study.