ALOBAAgenda-Led Outcome-Based Analysis (communication guidelines)
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To counterbalance the disadvantages of Pendleton's rules, ALOBA approach was developed by Silverman.27 The principle of introducing this approach was to identify the agenda by the learner and to reflect on areas that need to be improved upon.
(8,18,22) Nevertheless, it is higher than that reported by Aloba et al, (11) among a Nigerian university student population with 72.0% sensitivity and 54.5% specificity.
Among 242 Nigerian women, depressed mothers were more likely to cease breastfeeding earlier than their nondepressed counterparts (Adewuya, Ola, Aloba, Mapayi, & Okeniyi, 2008).
The number of cigarettes smoked per day has consistently been found to be associated with a higher risk of depression (Adewuya, Ola, Aloba, Mapayi, & Oginni, 2006).
Air Molokai and Aloba IslandAir offer more frequent service.
The two victims were identified as Nasri Abubakar, 40, a Globe technician; and Dennis Aloba, 30, an installer.
The vintage-style interior, the polished wooden floors and the flashy storefronts, magically draw you to what's ahead: the Spirit of Aloba steamer ship, a nostalgic representation of the original 1920s cruise liner.