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ALOCAverage Length Of Call (New Global)
ALOCAltered Level Of Consciousness
ALOCAcceptable Level of Competence (Department of Army appraisal system)
ALOCair lines of communications (US DoD)
ALOCAcute Loss of Consciousness
ALOCAdditional Location Details
ALOCAviation Logistics Operations Center
ALOCAdvance Logistics Officers Course
ALOCAdvance Line of Credit
ALOCAirborne Visual Laser Optical Communication (DoD)
ALOCAdministrative & Logistical Operations Center
ALOCArmy Logistics Operations Center (US DoD)
ALOCAcute Level Of Care
ALOCAssociation Luxembourgeoise des Organisations de la Construction (French: Luxembourg Association of Construction Organizations; Luxembourg)
ALOCAlabama Open Carry (also seen as AOC; pro-gun Internet community)
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For instance, the ALOC suffix in example (2a) means just 'near to you', but in combination with a postposition the location is indicated more clearly (2b).
Each respondent's ALOC score was correlated with the scores for each of the five factors depicted in Table 3.
TLOC and ALOC target students seeking career and intermediate- level logistics education through the study and understanding of Marine Corps and Navy logistics core capabilities, Joint logistics, doctrine, theory, plans, programs, and processes.