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Jingle and his attendant, down the flight of steps, into the American aloe tubs that stood beneath.
I saw large plants of aloes, but did not understand them.
I found myself in a large, vaulted room, lighted by tapers, scented with aloes and ambergris, standing in golden candle-sticks, whilst gold and silver lamps hung from the ceiling.
In mercy I put a bullet through his skull, and he fell sprawling among the aloes.
He saw that there was no mood of the mind that had not its counterpart in the sensuous life, and set himself to discover their true relations, wondering what there was in frankincense that made one mystical, and in ambergris that stirred one's passions, and in violets that woke the memory of dead romances, and in musk that troubled the brain, and in champak that stained the imagination; and seeking often to elaborate a real psychology of perfumes, and to estimate the several influences of sweet-smelling roots and scented, pollen-laden flowers; of aromatic balms and of dark and fragrant woods; of spikenard, that sickens; of hovenia, that makes men mad; and of aloes, that are said to be able to expel melancholy from the soul.
They will not thank me for reminding them of a tune so lately epidemic in that land of aloes and blue skies; but at least it is unlikely to run in their heads as the ribald accompaniment to a tragedy; and it does in mine.
There were two great aloes, in tubs, on the turf outside the windows; the broad hard leaves of which plant (looking as if they were made of painted tin) have ever since, by association, been symbolical to me of silence and retirement.
Filled with mucopolysaccharides, sugars essential to cell regeneration, aloe strengthens and lubricates cartilage and elastic tissue, reducing inflammation and increasing flexibility.
The pH values for 'Granny Smith' fruit slightly decreased while slightly increased for 'Red Chief' fruit over time, yet values for both cultivars remained unaffected by Aloe vera gel treatments.
INGREDIENTES: 5 naranjas 1 cucharada de gel de aloe vera PREPARACION: Extrae el zumo de las naranjas y mezclalo con el gel de aloe vera hasta obtener una bebida homogenea.
What your Aloe plant grows in is very important, so make sure you have the right mix.
First group was control (CTL), second was given indomethacin 3 mg/kg (INDO) while groups AVL, AVM, and AVH were given 200, 400 and 800 mg/kg doses of Aloe vera gel extract orally for a period of 28 days.