ALOFA Lab on Fire (fragrance house; Brooklyn, NY)
ALOFA Life of Faith (Franklin, TN)
ALOFAbraham Lincoln Opportunity Foundation
ALOFAdult Lovers of Furby (est. 1999; online fan forum)
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I am grateful to Luc Alofs for generously sharing his knowledge on this episode in Aruban history, Nelson Thiel at the Archivo Nacional Aruba, who helped to locate key sources, and the two anonymous reviewers of the NWIG for their attentive reading and astute comments on this article.
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5) On the history of Campo Alegre on Curacao and for a brief overview of the Campo Alegre protest on Aruba, see Alofs 1993; Kempadoo 2004; and Kleijn & Schrover 2013.
This area has become a specialized field, and new producers and developers who are caught up in the creative process often don't think about the full scope of this issue," Alofs explained.
The process of acquiring rights can be overwhelming, Alofs noted, if one isn't used to doing it on a daily basis.
Since a trade show is a paid venue, there are rights which need to be negotiated concerning usage there," Alofs said.
She now works as a consultant at Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor and will be staying in Wales with their children, aged 13 and 11, when Dr Alofs goes to the Gaza Strip later this year.
Going Dutch HAVING worked in the Dutch health service Ben Alofs is qualified to compare the health services of two European Union countries.
STRESS: Ben Alofs prepares for a stint in the Palestinian-Authority-controlled Gaza Strip Picture: Gerallt Radcliffe